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the handyman for hire


for Hire


I'm Slavo.

    100% HANDYMAN

Always on time,

I will always return your call and keep my word

I'm nice, patient and I like pets.


Slavo Handyman
no job too small for Slavo Handyman

Small job? 

Nobody around?

Small job but important to you?


Do you have a picture you wanted to hang up on the wall

three months ago but is still sitting in the closet?


Are you upset about a burnt out bulb?


Do you have difficulty open/close the door?


Do you need

 to transport, bring, move, fix, maintain, repair, drill, paint, demo, build, hang up, clean, replace, plant, dig up, mow ....


Can I assist  you with other small projects around the house


You can hire me for 1, 2 hours or HALF-DAY


Reason to hire me

"I highly recommend Slavo for any type of work.

He is punctual, efficient and leaves no mess behind.

Slavo repaired/fixed wooden shed, refinished wood floor damaged in flood, installed Elfa shelf systems and has done other jobs too numerous to list.

Call me, I'll answer any questions."

Deborah L. Alvarez

Emlwood Park, NJ

"Slavo is a hard worker and honest. Showed up on time, worked a full hard day. He did a great job and left my home clean with out dust and debris."

Jon Pandel

Vernon, NJ

Carmen Lopez Platek

Wyckoff, NJ

I hired Slavo after my friend description of his ability and work ethic.  

"He's knowledgeable, reasonable and leaves his work area clean".  

The work he did on my kitchen floor tiles, half bath and outside was indeed excellent.  So now, when I talk about him to my friends I add --  he's creative, resourceful and (something that's very important to me) he respects my time.  

He calls when he's on his way and is always on time.


Let's Work Together

      Just call me

        201 647-7711



          I can't pick up the phone but

        if you leave message

          I will call you back. 

                            Word of Honor


 Send me a message


Send me a message

whenever, even at midnight

TEXT 201 647-7711 message



Send me 

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